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Trevor Joseph


My name is Trevor.

Thank you for visiting our website.

I have been helping students to improve their English language ability and communication skills for a long time.

When I first arrived in Japan, there were no mobile phones, no internet and there were very few teaching materials available, so I started making my own lessons and this has been my passion ever since.

We are very goal oriented at Kings Road, we want to help our students reach their objectives, whether it is to prepare for an examination, to improve conversational ability to communicate in the workplace or simply to enjoy English as an interest.

I always make an effort to create a comfortable study environment and to encourage students to engage in English. This approach makes students feel more confident, which leads to high motivation.

It is important to study regularly, to review what you have learned and also to enjoy studying: It's a magic combination.

Finally, I have always felt that teachers and students share the same goals:

Your success is our success!

You are very welcome you to visit the school, to take a trial lesson and to discuss your English language need and hopes.

It may be that King's Road is exactly the type of school you have been looking for.

Thank you.

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