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Hello!! I am Steve and I have been at King’s Road for just over a year now. I find KR to be a happy and amazingly fun place to teach and learn all about Tokyo’s young learners and adults. Prior to this, I taught for 20 years in London and before that, I taught in Spain for 3 years.


The experience of teaching 1000s of students from all over the planet has helped me to be more understanding of how people learn things. So I always enjoy the daily challenge of communicating in English to Kings Road students.


Pronunciation and speaking are the main skills I use in my class, as well as grammar and vocabulary. Making the lessons fun is a priority for me because I believe we learn best when we are happy and enjoying ourselves. I am a keen giver of homework. Writing in English is such a great way of moving what you learn in class into your long-term memory


The challenges of learning in 2021 are very much in our plans and my aim is to make online learning experiences as exciting and effective as in-person lessons. I have my 9-year-old daughter to thank for inspiration and ideas for classes, which keeps my lessons fresh and relevant. Furthermore, my wonderful Kings Road colleagues provide amazing support and banter to keep spirits up. Please feel free to leave comments and give feedback on your lessons.

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